Legal aspects

After choosing a property in Montenegro, fixing the cost and terms of payment, the transaction must be legalized - sign a contract of sale.

The sale and purchase agreement is signed at the notary's office, in the presence of a notary, who, in turn, is an additional guarantor of the legality of the transaction. Since 2011, the Institute of Notaries has been operating in Montenegro. The powers to perform notarial acts were transferred from the Courts to notaries who have the appropriate permission - a license.

The cost of notary services is estimated based on the following criteria:

1. The value of the transaction.
2. Elapsed time.
3. Tariff for notarial action.

For each action, an official payment document is issued.

Vector Montenegro fully accompanies the transaction, from the first communication with the client to the receipt by him of the title document for the selected real estate object.

Expenses for paperwork (re-registration of the object in the ownership of the buyer)

- Notary services - a fixed rate, which depends on the value of the property. You can check with the staff of Vector Montenegro.

- In case of acquisition of a property by a foreign citizen, an interpreter must be present - 50 euros / hour

- Official written translation of the purchase agreement into the native language of the buyer 20 EUR/page (6-10 pages)

- In the case of the acquisition of a property on the secondary market, the tax office issues an invoice for payment of a one-time state tax on real estate turnover - 3%. It is important to note that new properties from developer companies are not subject to this tax.

You can get more detailed information in our offices or by calling us by phone. You can also leave a request for a consultation, we will contact you at the specified time. is a unified cadastre/registry of real estate objects in Montenegro.