Residence permit

We are pleased to announce that the President of the Republic of Montenegro signed the Law on Foreigners, which allows you to obtain a temporary residence permit (residence permit) subject to the acquisition of real estate in Montenegro. The law came into force on November 3, 2015!

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit for property owners in Montenegro:

- Temporary residence permit (residence permit) is provided to all owners of real estate in Montenegro, regardless of its value!

- The following types of real estate are suitable for obtaining a residence permit: apartments, houses, villas, commercial facilities (offices, restaurants, cafes, hotels, mini hotels, hotels, etc.)

- Destroyed objects (ruins), land plots are not suitable for obtaining a residence permit.

- A temporary residence permit does not give the right to apply for permanent residence in the future.

Required documents:

1.Title document - sheet of inaccuracy (original)

2. Certificate from the Bank of Montenegro on the availability of funds in the account. Not less than 3650 euros. The same amount will be required for the next adult applying for family reunification. Bank statement must be no older than 1-2 days.

3. Medical insurance valid for 30 days from the date of submission of documents (Montenegrin or international, The main thing is that Montenegro is mentioned among the countries to which the insurance applies. The cost of such insurance in Montenegro is 27-28 euros)

4. Valid passport with a copy of all its pages.

5. Certificate of non-conviction from the country of residence for a period not older than 6 months

6. Document confirming the registration of arrival in Montenegro within 24 hours.

7. Tax payment document 10 euros + 10 euros + 5 euros

A temporary residence permit (permit) has the right to obtain the owner of the property, his spouse and minor children.

The current legislation of Montenegro provides for other possibilities for obtaining / obtaining a residence permit:

  1. On the basis of employment or opening your own company - registration of a legal entity in Montenegro
  2. For seasonal work
  3. Based on training in secondary and higher educational institutions
  4. For the purposes of special, vocational training, international exchange
  5. For specialized training
  6. For research activities
  7. For medical reasons
  8. For family reunification
  9. In case of marriage
  10. For humanitarian reasons


If you have any questions please contact our managers.